leonardo cardenas rey - airG.jpg

Leonardo Carnedas Rey

Nationality: Colombia

Languages: Spanish, English, learning German

| Flying since 2000 | Flying Tandem since 2003 | Paragliding instructor since 2009 |

Leo was one of the pioneers in the acrobatic discipline in Colombia. He formed part of the national acrobatic team for five years (2011-2015) and was second South American Champion in 2009. He also participated in the several paragliding competitions, like aerobatic world cups, accuracy and cross country contests.


Benno Ganaus

Nationality: Austria

Languages: German, English, 

| Flying since 2002 | Flying Tandem since 2005 | 


Xandi Meschuh

Nationality: Austria

Languages: German, English, Italian

Flying since 1995 | 

  • Multiple aerobatics World Cup winner

  • Research and development for Icaro Paragliders since 2004

  • Test pilot

  • State Noteed flight instructor / paraglider safety trainer

  • author


norbert winkler_gerlitzenparagliding

Norbert Winkler

Nationality: Austria

Languages: German, English, Italian

18 years old, learned to Fly with 13.

  • Aerobatics World Cup competitor

  • Test pilot

  • physics student

  • situated in Innsbruck and Faaker See