About the Tandem Flight

General Information


  • bring proper shoes (no flipflops or sandals)

  • no age requirements but a general good health condition

  • minimum height 140cm

  • maximal weight 100kg


plan around 1,5 hours from the time of the appointment to the landing

depending on weather situation and conditions this can vary and in some cases the flight can be rescheduled


the ticket up to the takeoff is not included

it is around 21€ or free for owners of the KaerntenCard

Meeting Point

we meet at the FLIEGERBASE landing zone in Annenheim. St. Andräer Str. 2, 9520 Treffen am Ossiacher See


from there we organize the transportation to the gondola 

Fotos and Videos

we make high quality fotos and videos during the flight with our GoPro cameras

you can purchase the SD card with those medias after the landing (30€) 

if you want to bring your own camera, please inform us beforehand


as with every sport there are some risks with paragliding


our pilots do their best to minimize these risks by conscientious introduction, using checked and newest equipment and launching just in the best and safest weather conditions

despite all these measurements you need to be aware of these risks and follow always the pilots instructions


Ossiacher Lake - Gerlitzen Mountain

The Ossiacher Lake is the 3rd biggest lake of the southern province Carinthia in Austria. It is right next to the Gerlitzen mountain with a height of 1911 meters. 

With its beautiful landscape and the easy access to the mountain this regions is a hotspot for paraglider.

Resulting in an impressive view; almost every day in summer, the sky is full of colorful wings.

With us, you will see this beautiful region from the bird perspective. Don't miss this beautiful experience ;)

norbert winkler_gerlitzenparagliding

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a paragliding license to fly tandem?

No! To make a tandem paragliding flight you do not need a own paragliding license. A Paragliding Tandem Flight is possible for everybody with a general good health condition. Our team members are certified pilots with many years of experience. They will take care of you and strive to give you the best experience without you to worry about anything regarding the flight.

What are the requirements?

-A tandem flight is possible for everybody with a general good health condition. -You need to be able to make a few steps or run a little bit for the takeoff and the landing. -The minimum height is around 140 cm. For flying with kids (under 140cm) we have a special seat (please inform us beforehand). -maximal passenger weight is around 100 kg.

Flying with kids?

There is no legal age restriction for passengers. For kids (<140 cm) we have a special seat. Please inform us beforehand. For children and teenagers under 18 years, we need the signature of a parent or legal guardian on the flight ticket.

How much time do I need to plan?

Plan around 1 hour + 15 to 30 minutes from the time of the appointment to the landing. After we meet at the meeting point we will drive 5 minutes to the gondola station. From there it takes us around 40 minutes with the gondola and the chairlift to the take-off. At the take-off the pilot prepares everything and assess the weather situation (around 5-10 minutes). The standard flight (basic package, top to bottom) takes around 10-15 minutes. If you choose the thermalling-package the flight duration extend around 10 minutes. If you choose the action package it will shorten the duration of the flight a little bit. Depending on the weather situation this can vary and in some cases the flight can be rescheduled.

I am scared of heights. Can I fly?

Of course. Flying a paraglider is a completely different feeling. Many people who are scared of heights already joined a tandem flight with us. We think flying is a good therapy for that ;)

Where do I meet the pilot?

Our meeting point is the landing zone "Fliegerbase". St. Andräer Str. 2, 9520 Treffen am Ossiacher See.

Can my family or friends watch me?

Yes! Family and friends can either come up on the mountain and watch the take-off or wait at the landing zone until you land.

Can I fly with my family or friends at the same time?

Yes of course! Just let us know after in the booking process for how many people you want to make the appointment.

Can I make videos or pictures during the flight?

We will make high quality videos and pictures with our Gopro cameras, which you can purchase for 30 € after the flight.

When do I need to book my flight?

Around 2- 3 days before your desired appointment in the high season (July, August). For more short-time appointments, it is better to call us +43 660 938 55 11

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