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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Flight

The dream of flying!

At Gerlitzen Paragliding we want to help you make this dream come true.

With our pilots you will see the beautiful region around Lake Ossiach and the Gerlitzen from a bird's eye view.

In summer the sky is full of colorful paragliders almost every day. A spectacle that is hard to miss.

After years of tandem flying for other companies, Leo wanted to make a difference. Because every passenger deserves the best.  For many, a paragliding tandem flight is a "once-in-a-lifetime" experience and therefore should feel like one. That's why Leo and his team are now trying to stand out with special attention to service and customer care :)


Vision, Mission & Philosophy

We want to be the first point of contact for passengers who want to enjoy the dream of flying authentically and with the best customer service at the Gerlitzen.

Paragliding as an experience and sport is gaining more and more attention. We want to be committed to promote the sport and giving as many people as possible an insight into this fascinating activity. In addition, we would like to that our passengers live the real experience of tandem paragliding, which is often sold as a "once-in-a-lifetime experience". The dream of flying should really feel like one. With our service from booking to the meeting until the landing, we consciously want to stand out with high customer care. We like pay attention to the little details.

Our focus is on high customer service. We prefer quality over quantity, and that's how our customers should perceive it. Equal treatment and respect among the pilots and, of course, towards each individual passenger is the top priority. Our passengers literally entrust their lives to the pilots, which is why we expect our pilots and other staff to appear extremely professional as they are. Fun and wit should of course not be missing. The tandem flight is a unique experience for our passengers. Our task is to get them back on the ground as satisfied and happy as possible.


Leonardo Cardenas Rey.jpg

Leonardo C. Rey

Tandem Pilot | Organisation |  Customer Care |

Nationality: Colombia

Languages: Spanish, English, German

Flying since 2000, Tandem pilot since 2003, Instructor since 2009

The dream of beig a professional pilot brought Leo to Europe in 2010, since then he is spreading his south american vibes and good moods in Austria



Ground controll | Customer Care | Pilot-coordination

Nationality: World

Languages: None 

Keeping our passengers happy on the ground :D

gerlitzen paragliding- paragliding ossiacher see.jpg

Sebastian Villalvazo

Tandem Pilot

Nationality: Swiss & Guatemala

Languages: German, English, Spanish

Flying since 20xx, Tandem Pilot since 2020


Jennifer Plöschberger_gerlitzen paragliding.jpg

Jennifer Plöschberger, MSc

Tandem Pilot | Management | Office | IT | Customer Care

Nationality: Austria

Languages: German, English, Spanish

Flying since 2018, Tandem pilot since 2021, Instructor since 2024

Born on the foot of Gerlitzen and seeing the paragliders in the air every summer, it was no wonder that Jenni would become one of them one day.

3rd Women - Overall Acrobatic Paragliding World Cup 2023

_The Greek Captain_ _ Gerlitzen Paragliding.jpg

Georgios Nikolioudakis 

Tandem Pilot

Nationality: Greece

Languages: English, Greek

Flying since 2025, Tandem Pilot since 2021

"The GREEK CAPTAIN"  - Why "The captain"?:

Cruising through the Mediterranean Sea as a captain on a ship in winter and cruising on Lake Ossiach in summer. But not on water, but in the sky 


Christian Behrenz

Tandem Pilot

Nationality: German & Guatemala

Languages: German, English, Spanish

Flying since 2001, Tandem Pilot since 2006

If happiness would be a person, its name would be CHRISTIAN :D His good mood is simply contagious 

Our Partners

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