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General information

General Information

Here you can find information about the requirements, the process of the flight, our extra services, FAQ and much more. If you still have questions, just contact us via contact form, email, call or WhatsApp message :)

On the day of the flight  

From the meeting to the landing

After you booked a flight or made an appointment, we will meet at the meeting point in the valley. From there we drive with our bus to the valley station of the gondola. We then take the gondola and the chairlift to the summit of the Gerlitzen at 1900 meters above sea level.

paragliding ossiach - gerlitzen paragliding_edited.jpg

360 degreevideo 

live your flight over and over again

With our new 360 degree camera, we are able to make video recordings at a new level. This camera records a view in every direction - at the same time. That means that we dont just record ourselfs during the flight , but at the same time the stunning landscape and much more. Just take a look at the video ;) -- (the video quality has been reduced here to enable faster playback)--

Gerlitzen Ossiacher See paragliding - 360 Grad Video_.jpg


Ossiacher Lake - Gerlitzen Mountain

The Ossiacher Lake is the 3rd biggest lake of the southern province Carinthia in Austria.

It is right next to the Gerlitzen mountain with a height of 1911 meters. 

With its beautiful landscape and the easy access to the mountain

this regions is a hotspot for paraglider.

Resulting in an impressive view; almost every day in summer, the sky is full of colorful wings.

With us, you will see this beautiful region from the bird perspective.

Don't miss it ;)

Overview prices

Frequently asked questions
360º videos & photos


  • bring proper shoes (no flipflops or sandals)

  • no age requirements but a general good health condition

  • we fly with kids (>4 years)

  • weight: 20 -130 kg

if you have any questions/concerns about your health condition or the requirements, just contact us :) 


Meeting Point

  • we meet at our meeting point and booking center at Ossiach 55, 9570 Ossiach. Or alternatively at the valley station of the gondola

  • from the meeting point, we organize the transport to the gondola station.



plan around 1,5 hours from the time of the appointment until the landing

depending on weather situation and conditions this can vary and in some cases the flight can be rescheduled


Photos & Videos

we make high quality fotos and videos during the flight with our GoPro cameras.
you can purchase those medias after the landing (29€) 
-due to safety reasons, we unfortunately cannot permit you to bring your own camera

* special service: 360 degree video 
(read below)




  • the shuttle from meeting point to gondola is included

  • the ticket for the gondola up to the takeoff is NOT included

  • this costs around 22 € or is free for owners of the KärntenCard




our pilots do their best to minimize any safety risks by conscientious introduction, using checked and newest equipment and launching just in the best and safest weather conditions

you also always need to follow the pilots instructions to keep possible risks as low as possible.

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